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Realising Fantasies

Created by Akairi or known as Pin, Dear Creatives (DearC) is a service with an aim to help our creative clients achieve dream pieces of their own unique design or art. DearC focuses on small production size for our clients, this way creatives are able to own a piece that's the only one in the universe or make small batches for their fan.

As a designer herself, Akairi understands the love brimming from creatives' art or visions. With that in mind, DearC strives to create textile-based pieces for our clients that are usable or wearable in their everyday lives.

DearC's products are proudly designed and sewn in Singapore.

Find out more about DearC's services:

Costume commission

Clothing commission


Custom Textile Products

Start blueprinting your fantasy!





About DearC: Our Story
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