Costume/Clothing Commission

Got a character you love so much that you want to try being them?  Or would like to wear your very own unique clothes of your design?

Get an outfit or a costume made by Dear Creatives!

DearC does:
- Daily wear
- Cosplay costumes
- Curvy size
- Customisable textiles

DearC does not work on:
- Knitwear and very stretchy fabric
- Extravagant ball gowns, bridal gowns
- Lingerie, Corsets with boning
- Plugsuits
- Armour
- Swimwear
- and others, DearC reserves the right to reject projects DearC is not confident in making.

*Kindly read through details before sending a quote, once you have confirmed a slot I will take it as you have read all terms and agree to it.

-Slots are currently CLOSED-

Price Breakdown

- Service fee + material cost + shipping (if applicable) = Total fee
- All prices in SGD
- Material cost is dependent on the materials. You can give me a budget to work with or I will send you pictures to choose from.
- A rough amount is to be paid before I purchase the materials.
- When all of the materials have reached me, 50% of the service fee will need to be paid before I start working on it.
- After I have completed the project the balance amount will need to be paid.
- No refunds are entertained when paid, sorry!


Commission Quote

- Quote is only valid for 10 days (240 hours)
- After 10 days please request for an updated quote, prices and completion time might change for the new quote.
- To confirm a slot, please pay a deposit of $10 after getting a quote, I will begin finding materials after the deposit. This $10 will be refunded at the end of the commission.


Delivery Time

- In my quote, I will state roughly how long it would take for me to finish the commission if there is a slot available.
- Slots are first confirmed (with deposit) first served
- Materials might take some time (1 month) to reach me, if you have more budget and need the costume sooner I can opt for a faster shipping method for the materials (2 weeks)


Rough Price Guide

- Simple clothing like jk pleated skirt, plain collar shirt, etc, service fee will be $25-50
- More complicated cosplay costumes service fee will be $100 and above.

- The more complicated it is (custom print textile, laser cut, large cloth, embroidery, etc), the more expensive it will be


For Overseas Clients

- State shipping to where when sending in a quote
- Payment by Paypal
- Please take into account additional shipping fees and duration to your country from Singapore.
- For US orders, there has been a case I have experienced whereby US customs opened the package and damaged the goods despite me declaring the items correctly, so please take note of the risk. I am not liable for any damage incurred from US or other countries' customs.

Blueprint your fantasy Pattern grid full


  • For Costume/Clothing Commissions

Request for a quote with the following details:

1. (Cosplay costume) Character name, version and reference images.
(Basic clothing) Pictures or descriptions of the style you want.

2. Size in cm : Asian S/M/L or Bust, Waist, Hip, Height (this is for estimation of material cost, I will need more detailed measurements after confirmation)
3. Costume to be done by when if applicable
4. Special requests if any (eg. Use satin for x, white zip for x, elastic at the back, etc)

  • For Embroidery patch commissions

Details available Here

  • For Custom Textile Goods Commissions

Details available Here

Kindly email or reach out to DearC's social media platforms

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  • TikTok


Photo by: Vaxzone
Photo by: Vaxzone