Colorful Threads

Custom Textile Products

Dear Creatives is dedicated to making products that our clients will love and be able to use in their daily lives. Below are some examples of projects taken by DearC. Do feel free to inquire if you have a great idea!

Dear Creatives, be creative!

Blueprint your fantasy Pattern grid full


  • For Custom Textile Goods Commissions

Please include the following:

1. Images or descriptions of the product you would like

2. Dimensions of product (if already decided)

3.Type of base cloth prefered (Eg. Shiny, Matte, smooth, Canvas, hard)

4. Item Quantity

5. Deadline (if any)

6. Image or artwork if to be printed on cloth

  • For Embroidery patch commissions

Details available Here

  • For Costume/Clothing Commissions

Details available Here

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